About Keepnet

Driven by angling conservation

Driven by angling conservation, Keepnet is a suite of solutions, aimed at promoting the pro-active conservation of our fisheries through catch and release. Our solutions cover a broad base of angling from tournament solutions through Keepnet Weigh Bay, to Keepnet Pro, which offers a public facing profile, marketing platform and easy to use data analytics and finally Keepnet, a social media platform for all recreational anglers across the globe.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We are born out of and driven by conservation of our fisheries, promoting catch and release, which we know to be the consensus of the majority of recreational and tournament anglers across the country and the world, we feel our suite of products puts us front and centre of this mindset, and ergo puts your company front and centre.

We are finding anglers are actively adopting the technology, and are quickly evolving to this methodology, along with corporates such as yourselves behind the drive we feel there is a multilateral benefit to all stakeholders, anglers, tournaments and corporates.


Keepnet Weigh Bay was launched at the CAST Pro/AM all species comp out of Spurwing, and it was a huge success, shortly thereafter, we were invited to the CADSAS all species comp out of Inhassuro, Mozambique, again it was a huge success from all aspects of the system.

We have picked up substantial traction over the last couple months with the running of these comps and presenting the system to the National Anglers Union and Fly-Fishing Zimbabwe. From that, we have now scheduled the following tournaments.

  • FEB – Test of the Best 21st/22nd Kariba
  • MAR – CAST 26th – 29th Spurwing
  • MAY – CADSAS 24th – 29th Inhassoro
  • JUNE – Kafue Supreme, Zambia 4th-5th
  • JULY – FFZ Trout Competition, Troutbeck 10th-11th
  • SEP – Keepnet Bass 25th-26th TBC
  • OCT – KITFT, Date-tbc Kariba
  • NOV – Keepnet Tiger 12th-14th Tiger Safaris, Chirundu