Keepnet Weigh Bay

An app-based scoring solution for fishing tournaments

Keepnet Weigh Bay is an advanced solution that is easy to use for event organisers and anglers alike.

Quickly set up tournaments using the Dashboard and customise every aspect of the event

Anglers record fish caught using a mobile app and sync data to the cloud

Results are validated and made available on the website

The dashboard provides numerous functions for the organiser to help manage a tournament while the mobile app is simple to use in any location or on any vessel.

Keepnet offers an option to set up and manage your competition including the validation of fish caught.

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Keepnet Weigh Bay - a complete solution

Every competition includes tools for organisers and competitors


Competition Management System

A full suite of tools to setup and manage your competition

  • Fully customisable
  • Advanced points system
  • Manage anglers and teams
  • Review all fish caught
  • Send messages to competitors
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Competition Management System


Mobile app for upload and scoring

Competitors receive an invitation to download and login to the Keepnet Weigh Bay mobile app

  • Simple process to record each fish
  • Catch history
  • View leaderboards & results
  • Internet not required
  • Available on Android and iOS
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Mobile app for upload and scoring