Keepnet Weigh Bay

Catch & Release Fishing Tournament Solutions

Online, offline, and in the palm of your hand, Keepnet is an app-based fishing tournament scoring solution using the principle of catch, weigh, video, and release. An all in one tournament platform tool that makes creating and running catch & release competitions easy.

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Keepnet Weigh Bay

Keepnet Weigh Bay - a complete solution

Every competition includes tools for organisers and competitors


Competition Management System

A full suite of tools to setup and manage your competition

  • Fully customisable
  • Advanced points system
  • Manage anglers and teams
  • Review all fish caught
  • Send messages to competitors
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Competition Management System


Mobile app for upload and scoring

Competitors receive an invitation to download and login to the Keepnet Weigh Bay mobile app

  • Simple process to record each fish
  • Catch history
  • View leaderboards & results
  • Internet not required
  • Available on Android and iOS
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Mobile app for upload and scoring

How It Works

Catch   •   Video   •   Release   •   Repeat

Once a fish is safely landed, the angler will use the mobile app to record the weight or length and then the release of the fish in one continuous video clip. After the successful release, the angler can enter the remaining information including species, size, and angler and then review the virtual keepnet.

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How It Works

Create a competition

It takes just a few minutes to get your competition up and running.
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Driven by Angling Conservation

Keepnet was formed after noticing a marked decline in the number of fish caught in Zimbabwe’s renowned International Tiger Tournament due to low fish stocks. Our core principal is fishing conservation through catch and release. We believe this extends to the safe handling and care of a fish after it has been caught. We strive to promote these practices with our innovative solutions that encourage competition while focusing on sustainable angling.

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