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    Fishing competitions, reimagined

    Online, offline, and in the palm of your hand, Keepnet is an app-based fishing tournament scoring solution using the principle of catch, weigh, video, and release designed to bring a competition element to your next fishing trip.

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    Streamlined Competition Management

    No need to spend hours inputting scores from tedious spreadsheets when you use Keepnet to run your next competition. View leaderboards in realtime or at the end of every day in remote areas.

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done_all Easy-to-use fishing scoring system
cloud_off Offline option for remote fishing competitions - no Internet connection required
build Competition organisers can easily set up and create custom competitions
style Manage your own scoring system according to the type of competition you are running
thumb_up_alt Promotes catch-and-release to conserve fisheries

Keepnet is an easy-to-use fishing scoring system that can help you keep score in your next competition.

Born out of a conservation ethic, with a desire to preserve fisheries and reduce the impact on our waters of competition or recreational angling, Keepnet’s catch-and-release game is strong. The app can be used to easily weigh and record a fish before gently releasing it back into the water.

Whether you are looking for a professional scoring system to run your next angling competition, or something to show that ‘the big one never got away’ on a social weekend with mates, Keepnet is the answer.

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Catch & Release

There has been a marked decline in the number of fish found in the Zimbabwean water ways due to the Catch & Kill practice. Our aim is to promote Catch & Release in a fun and competitive way.

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