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Offline Weigh Bay

Manage competitions in remote areas without access to the Internet

The perfect solution for competitions hosted in remote areas without Internet connectivity.

Anglers record their catch on the weigh bay app during the day and sync their results with the onsite Keepnet system at the end of the day.

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Closed Offline system

An Internet connection is not required - all results are captured on a Wi-Fi network

The Keepnet team will setup computers and a Wi-Fi network on site which will allow anglers to sync their results and provide a way for organisers to review the individual fish. Anglers can also download results at the end of each day.

Event Experience

See all the highlights on a public screen

The offline solution includes a big screen experience to display leaderboards and countdowns which includes previews of videos and photos captured during the competition. This is a great way to end the day - sitting back relaxing while watching highlights from the day.

Hassle Free Setup

We do all the heavy lifting

Get in touch

Before the competition the Keepnet team will setup your competition and send invites to all anglers so that they can download and login to the app.
During the competition the Keepnet Team is on hand to assist with installing and logging into the app and troubleshooting any difficulties.

Customise Your Competition

Not all competitions are the same - set yours up exactly as you need it.

  • Angler or Team
  • Single species or multi-species
  • Scoring factors based on species
  • Bag limits per team/angler and per day/competition
  • Weight or length
  • Preferred unit (KG or LB)
  • Species multiplier - adjust score based on number of species caught

Easy to use app

Every fish is captured in the mobile app - available for Android and iOS.

  • Check the dashboard for an overview of your catch
  • View your net for a detailed history of your fish
  • Review the results tab to see how you are doing

Download App

  • Land your fish and remove the hook/lure
  • VIDEO Take one continuous video of the angler weighing/measuring the fish (so that the scale/ruler is easy to read and the whole fish can be seen) and then releasing the fish into the water
    PHOTO Take a picture of the whole fish with the scale/ruler visible
  • App automatically determines which fish are "in the bag" when there are limits
  • At the end of the day, tap the sync button to upload your results to the Internet

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Keepnet Weigh Bay

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