Isuzu Bass Shootout 2019

28/29 September at Claw Dam

Rules and Regulations

The Field size:

The Isuzu Bass Shoot Out 2019 will be set at the discretion of the tournament organisers.


Teams will be made up of two anglers per boat. All anglers will be required to fish from a boat that will meet regulations set out later in this document.


Entry will be deemed valid on full payment of your entry fee.


Below sets out and framework and rules specific to the Isuzu Bass Shoot Out 2019

Tournament Days

Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th September 2019.

Captains Meeting

Will be held at the Claw Boat Club, on the evening of the Friday 27th of September 2019 at 18:00. At least one registered team member will have to be present at the captains meeting for registration.

Tournament Times

Session 1
Saturday 28th of September (Safe Light – 12:30)
All registered boats will set off at safe light in a pre-determined order set from a draw at captains meeting. Teams will not be allowed to start fishing till a time specified by the tournament director at captains meeting. Meaning you will be allowed to drive to your area of fishing but will not be allowed to make your first cast until such time as determined by the tournament director. Essentially this will allow all anglers to make their first cast at the same set time, you will then be required to return to weigh bay by 12:00pm. This will be known as session 1
Return to Weigh bay – 12:00pm
All registered teams will then be required to return to weigh bay for midday weigh in, and the start of session 2.

Session 2
Saturday 28th of September. (13:00 – 17:00)
The start of session 2 will be in order of placing from session 1 weigh in. The end of session 2 will require all teams to be behind the demarcated area before or on 17:00hrs. The Top 10 teams from Session 1 weigh in will come in to weigh in last via the official tournament tow vehicle.

Session 3
Sunday 29th of September (Safe Light – 12:00)
All registered teams will set off at safe light in order of placing at the end of day 1. First cast as with day 1 will be at a pre-determined time. The end of session 3 will be 12:00hrs with all boats being behind the demarcated area before or on 12:00hrs

Penalties - Tournament Timings

No angler shall start fishing before the pre-determined time, if you have been found to be fishing before this time your team score will be disqualified for the day.
A weight penalty shall be applied for every minute over the cut off times you are found to not be within the demarcated area. This shall be 0.500kg per/min

Tournament Format

Qualifying Weight
The qualifying weight of bass will be 0.300kg (300grams) there is no length qualification required, any fish 0.300kg or larger count to your weight.

Bag Limits
There are no bag limits, any fish caught over 0.300kg throughout the competition will count to your overall score as a team and results will reflect a total mass of qualifying fish, for the duration of the competition.

Live wells
As this tournament is a Catch, Video, Release tournament anglers are required to weigh their fish once they have been boated. No fish will be allowed to go into your live well. There is no need to use your live well as the fish should be released soon after catching.

All fish caught will be released. No fish shall be bought to weigh bay nor is any team allowed to keep any fish. The release of the live fish should be captured within your video standards. Any boat found to have fish in the live well and or dead, shall have their days catch disqualified.

Keepnet - Catch, Video, Release

All fish caught throughout the tournament days, being Session 1, Session 2 and Session 3 will only qualify if weighed through the Keepnet App on a Catch, Video, Release format.

Video Standards
All fish weighed through the Keepnet App, will have to meet the video standards to be deemed a qualifying fish, video standards will be explained through our social media platforms, website and at captains meeting. Any fish not meeting the video standards will be deemed null and void.
Standards of videos will be determined by the tournament director should there be any issue of contention. The tournament director will have final say.

Working App
All competing teams will be required to make sure that the latest version of the Keepnet App is downloaded, available on Android through Google Play store and IOS through the Apple Store. You will also be required to test the Keepnet App prior to the competition start, making sure you are familiar with the weigh process and that the App is functioning.

Scales will be provided to each team from the tournament organisers. All fish will have to be weighed using the tournament scaled provided, if for any reason there is a malfunction with the tournament provided scales you will be allowed to weigh fish on your own scale. This will have to be bought to the attention of the tournament director who will assize and validate the scale used. Any fish weighed on a scale that is not tournament approved shall be deemed null and void.

Keepnet Staff
Keepnet staff will be available to assist anglers at captains meeting should there be any issues prior to the start of the competition. If you have any questions, issues or concerns leading into the tournament please feel free to contact us on

Boat and Equipment

All operators of boats should be over 18 years of age and of sound mind. Any blatant disregard for maritime boating regulations and or reckless behaviour will be subject to ejection from the tournament.
All boats used throughout the tournament, using a main motor will always have to have a working kill switch with a lanyard attached to the angler whilst the main motor is running. This will be checked prior to departure on Day 1.
All anglers on a boat shall be required to have a coast guard approved life jacket to be worn without fail while your main motor is in use. The driver shall always have the kill switch attached while the main motor is running.
All boats shall be deemed to be in good running order, and fit for purpose at the discretion of the tournament director

All boats will be required to have the following pieces of safety equipment:

  • Working phone
  • Flashlight
  • Fire extinguisher (Working)
  • Yellow flag
  • Bucket for bailing
  • Rope for towing
  • Life Jackets

Alcohol and Drugs

The consumption of Alcohol and Drugs is strictly prohibited for the duration of the tournament being Session 1, Session 2, and Session 3. No Alcohol to be found on the boats throughout the tournament sessions.

Specific Rules and Regulations

  • ENCROACHMENT RULE: There is no official buoy distance rule. However, at no time is an angler allowed to interfere with another angler’s line.
  • RELEASING BASS: When releasing any Bass that is Scorable or non-Scorable, the Angler’s hand must be at gunnel level or closer to the water. No flipping or tossing of a Bass.
  • SECOND LINE/Strolling: Dragging a line from a stationary rod is not permitted. Nor are you allowed to stroll.
  • LEAVING BOAT TO FISH: Angler may not leave the boat for the purpose of fishing. Leaving the boat to assist in landing a hooked Bass, as an act of fishing is not permissible. Leaving the boat for non-fishing reasons is allowed without a penalty.
  • OUT OF BOUNDS: Out of bounds areas will be discussed at captains meeting of which no angler will be allowed to fish in these areas.
  • PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICE: Each Angler must wear a Coast Guard-approved chest-type life preserver. Angler’s life preserver must be strapped, snapped or zippered securely and maintained in that condition any time the main engine is in gear.
  • KILLSWITCH: The Angler or other appointed driver must have his boat’s kill switch connected any time the main engine is in gear.
  • FLAGRANT VIOLATION: A flagrant violation for any act that reflects unfavorably upon the positive efforts of Isuzu / Keepnet, ShootOut sponsors, spectators, fisheries conservation, and clean waters will not be tolerated.
  • MECHANICAL FAILURE: If an Angler’s boat experiences mechanical failure during competition and the problem is determined by the TD no fault of the Angler, you will be required to seek assistance from either a support boat and or another angler. Any fish weighed through after the cut off time will not qualify. If you have seeked assistance from another team, neither your team nor the assisting team will receive any penalty for late arrival. If there as failure, please contact the Tournament Director to inform them of your situation.