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Nov 18
SABAA Opens Limpopo 2023/2024 Events 3-4 Tzaneen Dam • 18 - 19 November 2023

SABAA Opens Limpopo 2023/2024 Events 3-4

  • done_all Stefan Badenhorst BASS 3.590pts
  • done_all Justy Varkevisser BASS 3.460pts
  • done_all Dave Matthysen BASS 3.400pts
  • done_all Gerhard Nortje BASS 3.320pts
  • done_all Francois Uijs BASS 3.220pts
  • done_all Justy Varkevisser BASS 3.210pts
  • done_all Alisdair Pio BASS 3.160pts
  • done_all Alisdair Pio BASS 2.980pts
  • done_all Dave Matthysen BASS 2.930pts
  • done_all Ulrich Coetzer BASS 2.900pts
  • done_all Zack Verster BASS 2.880pts
  • done_all Gerhard Nortje BASS 2.820pts
  • done_all WJ Nieman BASS 2.790pts
  • done_all Ryan Mc Naughton BASS 2.700pts
  • done_all Alexis Kuisis BASS 2.610pts
  • done_all Justy Varkevisser BASS 2.600pts
  • done_all Reed Eastman BASS 2.570pts
  • done_all Zack Verster BASS 2.360pts
  • done_all Justy Varkevisser BASS 2.330pts
  • done_all Justy Varkevisser BASS 2.200pts