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Nov 18
SABAA Opens FS 2023/2024 Event 3 - 4 Rustewinter • 18 - 19 November 2023

SABAA Opens FS 2023/2024 Event 3 - 4

  • done_all Neville Rudiger Bass 4.960pts
  • done_all Giulio Nolli Bass 2.610pts
  • done_all Giulio Nolli Bass 2.470pts
  • done_all Rob Scorgie Bass 2.250pts
  • done_all Johan Appelgrein Bass 2.140pts
  • done_all Richard Amm Bass 2.120pts
  • done_all Dougie Douglas Bass 1.920pts
  • done_all Giulio Nolli Bass 1.890pts
  • done_all Kevin Fisher Bass 1.860pts
  • done_all Jared Olsen Bass 1.830pts
  • done_all Juan Du Toit Bass 1.820pts
  • done_all Johan Appelgrein Bass 1.790pts
  • done_all Johan Appelgrein Bass 1.730pts
  • done_all Johan Appelgrein Bass 1.710pts
  • done_all Johan Appelgrein Bass 1.700pts
  • done_all Giulio Nolli Bass 1.660pts
  • done_all Giulio Nolli Bass 1.640pts
  • done_all Dougie Douglas Bass 1.600pts
  • done_all Neville Rudiger Bass 1.600pts
  • done_all Jared Olsen Bass 1.590pts