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Nov 18
SABAA Opens Mpumalanga 2023/2024 Event 3-4 Arabie Dam • 18 - 19 November 2023
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SABAA Opens Mpumalanga 2023/2024 Event 3-4

  • done_all Carlo De Vos Bass 3.705pts
  • done_all Jako Steyn Bass 3.635pts
  • done_all Tristan Wickham Bass 3.565pts
  • done_all Martin Ferreira Bass 3.490pts
  • done_all Buks Human Bass 3.325pts
  • done_all Charles Lloyd Bass 3.310pts
  • done_all John Lloyd Bass 3.200pts
  • done_all Christo Snyman Bass 3.105pts
  • done_all Christo Snyman Bass 3.080pts
  • done_all Jacques Loots Bass 3.030pts
  • done_all Jako Steyn Bass 2.985pts
  • done_all Tristan Wickham Bass 2.905pts
  • done_all Carlo De Vos Bass 2.885pts
  • done_all Jako Steyn Bass 2.865pts
  • done_all Reuben Vorster Bass 2.865pts
  • done_all Jako Steyn Bass 2.835pts
  • done_all Bertus Ferreira Bass 2.815pts
  • done_all Jacques Loots Bass 2.805pts
  • done_all Jacques Loots Bass 2.755pts
  • done_all Jako Steyn Bass 2.740pts