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Apr 1
Outcasts Leg 4 South Africa • 1 April 2022 - 30 June 2022

Outcasts Leg 4

  • done_all Zaid Gangat Bass 3.720pts
  • done_all Nuno oviedo Bass 1.610pts
  • done_all Nicus Venter Bass 1.360pts
  • done_all Christopher James Bass 1.300pts
  • done_all Christopher James Bass 1.240pts
  • done_all Nicus Venter Bass 1.230pts
  • done_all Christopher James Bass 1.170pts
  • done_all Nicus Venter Bass 1.160pts
  • done_all Nuno oviedo Bass 1.150pts
  • done_all Nuno oviedo Bass 1.100pts
  • done_all Nuno oviedo Bass 1.080pts
  • done_all Nicus Venter Bass 1.070pts
  • done_all Zaid Gangat Bass 1.070pts
  • done_all Francois Smith Bass 1.060pts
  • done_all Bobby Cairns Bass 1.050pts
  • done_all Nicus Venter Bass 1.020pts
  • done_all Cj Matthee Bass 0.960pts
  • done_all Nuno oviedo Bass 0.950pts
  • done_all Ernest Simpson Bass 0.890pts
  • done_all Ernest Simpson Bass 0.790pts